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Vinyl Guards was founded by Joseph and Mark to solve all problems with vinyl flooring for home owners. Mark being a timber and vinyl floor specialist for 10 years and Joseph being a contractor for 5 years, have worked with vinyl floorings long enough to know the difficulties people face!Majority of the homes in Singapore especially new BTOs utilise vinyl flooring, and when issues such as built up dirt and worn out patchy floors surface, people tend to just live with all the micro-organisms inside the flooring or replace the whole flooring. This is unhygienic and costly and these problems will continue to surface! Replacing the whole flooring is expensive and there’s downtime, which means they have to leave their home to allow renovations to proceed.

Everybody knew what was wrong with their vinyl but didn’t know what to do about it.It was then that it dawned upon them that they could come up with a cost effective and powerful method to help their customers upkeep their vinyl flooring in order to improve living conditions at home, and it comes along with a bonus - Aesthetically pleasing vinyl floors that makes your house look like brand new!Vinyl Guards is the leading vinyl floor polishing and protection company in Singapore and the goal is to protect your vinyl flooring to make it last!
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